Knee pain

Knee pain treated by us. Knee pain is one of the most common problems that our clients present with. There are many causes of knee pain, from acute injuries such as sporting injuries, to over-use injuries, such as too much kneeling, to growth related problems in children, to mis-alignment and postural problems that lead to over-strain of the knee.

The knee joint is one of the joints most commonly affected by Osteo Arthritis. Common knee symptoms include pain , swelling, feeling of instability, loss of positional awareness and reduced balance control. All of these symptoms prevent normal activity, whether it is sporting competition or just sitting in a cinema, gardening, walking the dog or going up and down stairs. Other joints that may be linked to problem knees are the hip, sacro iliac joint, low back and the feet.

Our assessment of a knee problem will always encompass all of these associated joints. After a detailed assessment, we are able to focus treatment towards the problem structures. This usually includes focal soft tissue massage and ultra sound and often pain relieving modalities such as acupuncture. A very important part of rehabilitation from knee injury, is the exercise programme. We will design and tailor a programme to the individual.